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There are more than a few reasons why Fusion protocol will flourish in this new phase of decentralised finance or DeFi as it is popularly known as today. Many projects will be consolidating their value proposition trying to sway investors looking for the next 100x coin to bring a reversal of fortune in this climate wrought with financial hardships resulting from the economic downturn and global corona virus pandemic.

Fusion has certainly risen from the ashes, even if it has not really grown to the behemoth potential die-hard Fusionites believe it can. A 5x gain in the last couple of…

I presume readers are already aware of Chainge. Even if you are not, you need to get into it soon enough to get free points that will get transformed to CHNG tokens or at least be prepared to get some tokens early because this project is kind of unique with huge mass adoption potential. Why? You might ask.

I will lay it plain and simple. No word mincing, just straight talk. The investment world is changing. Many banks are no longer able to guarantee the type of growth that makes life-savings accounts worthwhile over short or long term. …

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The world is shifting. We are more reliant on technology advancements to make our lives easier; bring our significant relationships closer and to free up our time.

The rise of the Internet age has simplified almost everything. We have become so dependent on technology that the hysteria from loss of a smartphone is often comparable to the loss of a limb. Our decision-making is being outsourced to big data, social media and content creators.

In today’s knowledge economy, swift decisions are made often based on sentiments. These come from consumption of one form of media or another by peering into…

It is no hidden fact that I have been ardently following Fusion since its inception as a project. Like many, I have left the champagne on ice for now and have generally cooled my jets for a moonshot in 2020. Thoughts of a ‘lambo’ now deferred, I think it is a good time for an interim report on all things Fusion.

Community Spirit

There are two camps in the community. First off, are those that believe there should be rigorous efforts to maximise marketing activity particularly around listing on big exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. …

Like many, I ventured into the word of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain staring at dollar signs by initially looking at flips to see if I could make some quote unquote ‘easy gains’.

Of course, I made huge losses because I never seemed to hold onto a coin long enough to not FOMO into the next one that ‘banged out doubles’ in satoshi’s or USDT on listing on some crappy exchange with no liquidity.

With the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum, there seemed to be so many new players coming on the scene, each project jumping on the Ethereum ICO bandwagon…

Anyswap is the world’s first Cross-chain Decentralized Swap Market Place. It operates on the Fusion blockchain and allows users to trade tokens by swapping seamlessly between pairs.

Asset reserves come from liquidity providers who are users that earn returns on trading fees to underpin each trade position on the market place.

The ANY token is the governance token that launched alongside the platform to provide initial liquidity through a pairing with the FSN token which is Fusion’s native token.

Using the FSN:ANY pair, Anyswap provides an investment opportunity to potential holders in the form of liquidity mining and trade mining.


A good man and DeFi-ant looking for a clean break while believing in a decentralised world.

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