The Fusion Ecosystem: An Interim Report

A little TA for you.
How it’s going
FSN/ANY is still a proving a safe yield
ANY Working Node Portal
  • Decentralised Oracle focusing on the integration of Chainlink with Fusion mainnet
  • DCRM GG20 and mainnet integration being researched and developed by 4 world-class cryptographers to improve DCRM speed up to 10x.
  • Time-lock and Quantum Swap support for all assets running in smart contract is also being researched and developed.
  • Mainnet upgrade to implement some bug fixes and increase the gas limit to an appropriate level.
  • Smart contract support.
  • Tokens transfers capture.
  • Token balances capture.
  • Anyswap swap and bridge actions.
  • Smart contract verification i.e. compiling uploaded source code for comparison against bytecode found on the blockchain.
  • Dark mode support.
  • Label browser to look up labels added to addresses and tokens on Fusion.



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A good man and DeFi-ant looking for a clean break while believing in a decentralised world.