Early-Bird Anyswap Investment Strategies

3 min readJul 23, 2020

Anyswap is the world’s first Cross-chain Decentralized Swap Market Place. It operates on the Fusion blockchain and allows users to trade tokens by swapping seamlessly between pairs.

Asset reserves come from liquidity providers who are users that earn returns on trading fees to underpin each trade position on the market place.

The ANY token is the governance token that launched alongside the platform to provide initial liquidity through a pairing with the FSN token which is Fusion’s native token.

Using the FSN:ANY pair, Anyswap provides an investment opportunity to potential holders in the form of liquidity mining and trade mining.

Liquidity Mining

This is the reward the platform provides to the user for increasing the size of the reserve for the traded pair.

Actual Anyswap returns from liquidity mining is dependent on three factors namely: 1) liquidity pool size, 2) trading volumes, and 3) asset prices of ANY compared with FSN (or other listed tokens) when supplied and withdrawn.

A highly variable return on Anyswap can be expected due to the volatile nature of the crypto asset class, so future return will vary either favourably or unfavourably from the figures below.

Using the extract from close of trading day one results on 21st of July 2020, and a total aggregate value of 10000 ANY for the FSN:ANY pairing, the rewards are very attractive for early adopters with an Annualised ROI of 364.4% or a 99 ANY return per day.

This point-in-time ROI makes a compelling case for users to provide liquidity based on a daily pay-out of 16,500 ANY to the Liquidity Pool providers. This figure will be revised in the future to 9,900 ANY as the 6,600 ANY will be used to reward node operators, but for now this is an extremely attractive arrangement.

Trade Mining

This is simply the reward for actively trading on the platform. It is also paid out in ANY the platform governance token

The case for Trade Mining is also compelling due to the low FSN fees for each transaction. For example, using 1000 ANY (or 2000 FSN) based on a 1:2 ratio to perform a simple back and forth swap trade of FSN to ANY and back performed every 100 blocks (1300 seconds or approximately 21 minutes) 66 times a day will cost you ~359 FSN in fees based on your total transaction volume of 119916FSN. This will net you a sizeable reward based on the total market volume and as shown in the charts below by paying out a rewarding ROI based on early low volumes.

This also makes a compelling case for users as swap traders to perform back and forth swap trades with zero net buy for a daily ROI based on pay-out of 250 ANY rewarded to swap traders every 100 blocks or about 21 minutes. This is another extremely attractive offer for early bird users who want high ROI on their ANY or Fusion coins.

The simple truth is that both ANY and FSN are set to become household names in the DeFi space because of the unique proposition of seamless interoperability with ERC20 and non-ERC20 tokens alike allowing for more pairs than seen on any Decentralised Exchange or DeFi swap platform.

Visit any of Huobi, MXC or Hotbit and grab yourself some FSN and head over to Anyswap.exchange to do your first swap for ANY. As Fusion, positions itself through marketing, new pairings on Anyswap and partnerships it is set to win the battle for dominance in the DeFi space as it has already won the technology race for interoperability. Expect listing pairings of FSN with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether and Litecoin on Anyswap very soon.




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