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4 min readJan 6, 2021


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The world is shifting. We are more reliant on technology advancements to make our lives easier; bring our significant relationships closer and to free up our time.

The rise of the Internet age has simplified almost everything. We have become so dependent on technology that the hysteria from loss of a smartphone is often comparable to the loss of a limb. Our decision-making is being outsourced to big data, social media and content creators.

In today’s knowledge economy, swift decisions are made often based on sentiments. These come from consumption of one form of media or another by peering into lives of supposed subject matter experts who seemingly have experienced more measure of success in specific subject areas. The data we consume drives our daily lives as the inquisitiveness in us yearns for more information, more satisfaction, validation and comfort.

The inflow of new money into cryptocurrency evidenced by a spike in the price of bitcoin beyond previous all time highs will drive new digital asset investments choices shaped by social media influence motivated by ‘FOMO’ or fear of missing out.

Our brains crave freedom from financial worry and the security of things we love and care about. As the song from 1966 hit musical “Cabaret” says, “Money makes the world go ‘round.” Besides the pandemic, financial security remains the biggest challenge to a stress-free mind state as 2021 sets in.

Keeping with tradition, centralised banks take the lion's share of profits from invested customer funds leaving traditional banking customers to make do with low returns on investments or bad loan terms and conditions.

Optimistic crypto newbies will look to the rise in digital asset acquisition as a sign to invest, often buying highs while institutional investors cash out leaving them to lick their wounds in the bear market.

On the other hand, crypto pessimists even with the gut-busting gains bitcoin and ethereum have made, still feel it is too complex, volatile and risky. Where do you start with telling a novice (pessimist or optimist) about crypto? There are more acronyms than you can shake a stick at. CeFi, DeFi, CEX, DEX, AMM, dApp, DAO, Gwei, HoDL, LP, PoS, PoW, TVL are but a host of acronyms and crypto lingo widely used. Do you start to talk about the immutability of the blockchain ledger, smart contracts or how many tokens are more hype than value? Do you begin to tell them how a token has utility and how it is or isn’t a security?

Maybe a good place to start is with a coin that costs nothing, but will drive one of the most powerful decentralised applications the cryptoverse will see in 2021. For those that have been sleeping, the challenge to have fully decentralised financial operations based on smart contracts that leverage multi-chain capabilities all in the palm of your hand has been accomplished.

We are waiting in the wings to present to you ‘Chainge’ the first and only iteration of crypto finance with the novice user in mind. A truly global application that makes you the author of your own financial terms and conditions. A truly automated banking service you can activate and customise to your own financial needs and desires. An app that is augmented with a slick user experience and underlying infrastructure to reassure the unnerved bitcoin laggards who until this day are yet to believe that finance can be decentralised. This is real ‘banking the unbanked’, because the services are deeper, more intuitive and customised and best of all blockchain agnostic.

Thankfully no ICO, IEO, IDO or any other sort of token offering where you have to pay for the aptly named CHNG token, so zero investment is required to be a shareholder. You freely leverage the power coded finance services by using the free tokens provided to you simply for joining the early adopters waiting list and performing a few tasks to spread the word to your friends and family.

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. We all know that it is the little things we do that can create a change so impactful to create a global phenomenon. Well here is the chance to be part of something new and fresh and something with the potential to be life changing.

Why Chainge?

  1. Imagine a coded financial service that requires no manual intervention. A customisable service within an app that facilitates exchange from one coin to another on any blockchain. A service that enables seamless margin trading, loan acquisitions, liquidation of digital financial instruments, and a host of wealth management features like self-customised crowdfunding or value distribution formulas, all only through code on an interface that is easy to understand and assimilate.
  2. Chainge enables you to provide finance services to others as a coded digital bank. You can provide loans, escrow and protect your friends accounts’ security. Chainge will enable you deploy specific finance related smart contracts by simply inputting parameters enabling your digital assets to work for for you.
  3. With Chainge, you build your own digital bank inside of your business or daily life.

There are many facets to this behemoth of an app. These will be released over time as the app rolls out. In the first instance the call to action is simple click the link below and grab yourself some CHNG tokens for using the referral and extra for completing the sign-up processes. Then you can go forth and teach others how to chainge.

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