I presume readers are already aware of Chainge. Even if you are not, you need to get into it soon enough to get free points that will get transformed to CHNG tokens or at least be prepared to get some tokens early because this project is kind of unique with…

Scan for CHNG reward sign-up points

The world is shifting. We are more reliant on technology advancements to make our lives easier; bring our significant relationships closer and to free up our time.

The rise of the Internet age has simplified almost everything. We have become so dependent on technology that the hysteria from loss of…

Like many, I ventured into the word of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain staring at dollar signs by initially looking at flips to see if I could make some quote unquote ‘easy gains’.

Of course, I made huge losses because I never seemed to hold onto a coin long enough to…


A good man and DeFi-ant looking for a clean break while believing in a decentralised world.

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